Probably the most important thing to me about being a celebrant is being adaptable to the couples I work with. Weddings are all special, and all very unique, and the people themselves are always even more so. Every bride and groom has their own style and personality, and it’s your ceremony, not mine, so the day should reflect that. Generally every tiny physical detail of the day reflects exactly what the bride and groom want, and the ceremony should be no different – that’s part of what makes them so exciting.

From the simplest to the most complex, from the traditional to the occasionally bizarre, I enjoy every piece of the day that I can with my new husbands and wives.

There’s no doubt your day will be memorable and amazing, and it’s a challenge to try and bring that one further little iota of happiness.

If you’re already here reading this and wondering, then we may as well start talking – give me a call or drop me a note. Anything is possible – we might get along just fine! I have managed to have wonderful, nearly normal inter-relations with many of my clients in the past; if you’re nearly normal perhaps this could work out for the both of us.