Canines, carnivores, camping… and jazz.                      

This was truly like a fantasy wedding: something not even real, like it was just set up for a magazine shoot. Eagle and Shona totally made this day – another architect’s wedding, this was again meticulously planned and the setting was designed by the bride and groom and put together (and then taken down again) by their many friends. After a very relaxed (despite the slightly nervous groom) ceremony, the sunset over the valley had the soundtrack of a great 3-piece band and rapturous laughter.From the open fire to free camping for all guests, this was a beautiful place to be, and a happily rowdy wedding.

Matt & Shona’s two Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Wilson and Rosie, were the ringbearers and the entire evening was totally theirs. It was an honour to be a part of this day and I know every guest was so thankful for what Matt and Shona allowed them to be a part of.

Everyone seemed to have the same thought: “This looks like a magazine photo shoot!”