A Cetaceous Coastal Wedding                       

Andrew and Viv got in touch through a mutual friend, and the manner in which we met was always going to be just as the wedding would be: relaxed.

My first wedding “in-the-round”, the sun came out and the many friends and family that made the trek to this out of the way spot were beaming with joy. We stood above the beach in thongs (your humble celebrant included) and Andrew & Viv’s gorgeous daughter came down the aisle.

An accoustic tribute from a trio of friends to those who couldn’t be there on the day, and then the bride and groom were quickly into taking lighthearted stabs at each other in the vows they had written for themselves. Then, as they were about to seal the deal, humpbacks starting breaching just offshore of where we were: a pretty special moment whether you’re a die-hard romantic or not.