I believe that your wedding day is supposed to be fun – I think that’s why we’re called “Celebrants” and not “Denouncers”.

I like to think that I provide a somewhat unique service to my clients in the way that I myself would appreciate if I were in their shoes. I’d wager that the couples I have married (and their friends and families) would agree that the ceremonies we’ve done together are focused on the enjoyment of one another, and sharing the day together. We should never be afraid to tread the line between the beauty and the insanity of marriage – hence, The Institution.

I hope that my ceremonies are unique, and full of more smiles than they are tears (although it does happen – mostly tears of joy, I think!). In any line of work, there are amazing parts and boring parts – but I get the choice to totally exclude the boring parts, so I do. If a wedding is going to be a solemn, boring experience for the bride and groom (and hence, for me), I won’t do it – there are probably celebrants around perfect for that gig, but I ain’t it so get back on Google and keep looking.

I was born and raised in Northern NSW, and completed my Celebrancy training in Sydney, before relocating to the Gold Coast in 2009. Here with my partner and our little monkey, Oli, over the past few years I’ve been inundated with requests to marry more and more people, all from referrals. Until Summer 2013, I didn’t even have a website. After being asked constantly for advice from marrying couples, and being unable to perform more ceremonies due to work & travel commitments, I’ve decided to make myself more available to the wider public.

But the primary reason is that I find my role as a marriage celebrant so personally rewarding and fulfilling that it didn’t make sense for me not to be open to doing more of it. With the very first marriage I performed years ago, I was amazed by how happy it made me to make other nice people so happy, and I realised that I could – and should – do a lot more it.

And now, finally, I am.